Opticis DVI extender, 1 x Fiber, SC kont

Optil 500 m. på multimodus fiber

Varenr: 36156
Alt. varenr: DVFX-100
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Ekstern Info
Opptil 500 meter forlengelse av DVI signalet med oppløsning opp til 1920x1200 (WUXGA) på en enkel  multimodus (50/125 eller 62,5/125 my) kabel.
Opticis new 1-fiber detachable DVI Extender, DVFX-100 is easy to connect to your existing system, giving you and your customers the confidence that you have the best solution in the market.
DVFX-100 is capable of driving uncompressed WUXGA (1920x1200) 60Hz DVI signal up to 500m (1640ft) over one (1) SC multi-mode fiber.
For better installation flexibility, it features patent pending Self-EDID management, reading and restoring by just plugging to the display.
The key features of DVFX-100 is, by using an optical splitter (OPS-116S), one (1) signal from transmitter can be copied up to 16 times and it gives you a cost effective and space saving installation for various application.
The OPTICIS DVFX-100 is certified with UL/EN60601-1, 60601-1-2, FCC/CE and Class 1 LASER Eye Safety.
The Opticis 1-fiber detachable DVI extenders, DVFX-100, is sure to advance the connectivity solution to new heights, with some fundamental features that will be of great benefit in technology and cost to industry participants.
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