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Visneto XL Lisens #1

Oversiktsdisplay - Lisens 5 år.

Varenr: 112747
Alt. varenr: Visnet-licence#1
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Ekstern Info

New smart overview of conference rooms' different bookings in the new front desk screen


Visneto XL is integrated into existing calendar / booking system


Visneto XL is a new and user-friendly system app that shows optional bookings on a display at front desk or unmanned entry to the office. Customers who previously have an internal conference booking system can now connect to Visneto XL and get a simple and educational overview of all meeting rooms.
Companies or organizations who think screens outside the conference rooms is too costly can now connect the Visneto XL and get a cheap solution with overview at the reception. The license is sold as a one-time cost, which in the long term provides a superior cost estimate.
Smart programming choice for Visneto XL
In Visneto XL the room arrangement is chosen freely, which room will be shown first and as number two and so on.
It is completely free to also enter the rooms that are desired on the assembly screen as long as they are on the same server,
if an office has many rooms or entrances, it is possible to spread the rooms on different screens.
The information retrieved from the mail server can be renamed with "alias".
Customize the layout of the Visneto XL screen for corporate logo & colors
In the menu on Visneto XL, a shortcut is entered into the logo that is placed in the upper right corner of Visneto. 
You can also change the background color to any color or image in the same way.
The menu has programmed a bright and dark theme of the background color.
At the top of the picture there is also room for an optional welcome greeting.
Quick overview:
* Needs no computer / player beside the screen. (this feature is based on a screen with built-in Android player)
* Optional portrait or landscape display format (this feature is based on a screen with built-in Android player that allows both types of viewing)
* Connect by wifi & connect only electricity. Easy to change location without hassle-free connections. (this feature is based on a screen with built-in wifi)
* Standalone and completely independent of the reservation system used today outside the conference rooms. Visneto XL connects to the server
* Add rooms from both Outlook or Google server.
* Rename the rooms, arrange the names nicer. Example: The name "smallmeetingroom" from the server can be placed as the "Little Room" on the reception screen.
* Click in the rooms you want to see on the screen you are working with. You do not have to choose all the rooms on the server .
* Change the order of the rooms so they come in the order you wish.
* Place the rooms on multiple screens & choose which order as above.
* Choose Dark or Bright background.
* Choose your own background.
* Choose a logo.
* Choose a welcome text such as "Welcome".
* Select to view the clock and date or select the option that is not desired.
* Choose what should be in the boxed red field on the screen. Choices that are available as on / off are: Meeting Description, Organizer, Meeting Time.
* Optional size on screen with Android based software.
* Set optional on / off closure with Example Philips D-Line Professional Screen (Weekdays & Time On / Off).
* Outlook & Google compatible
* One-time charge for license
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