Philips T-Line 10" Touch Android

HDMI,POE,Wifi,Bluetooth,USB, veggbrakett

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A new level of interaction

with an Android™ powered 10" touch display,

  • Save and play content with internal memory

    Save and play content with internal memory

    Save and play content with internal memory. Upload your media into the display and playback content immediately. Working in conjunction with the internal browser, it also serves as a memory cache when streaming online content. If the network ever fails, the internal memory keeps content running by playing a cached version of the content, ensuring that your media stays up even if the network goes down.

  • Connect and control your content via the cloud

    Connect and control your content via the cloud

    Connect and control your content via the cloud with the integrated HTML5 browser. Using the Chromium based browser, design your content online and connect a single display, or your complete network. Simply connect the display to the Internet using Wi-Fi or with an RJ45 cable, and enjoy your own created playlists.

  • CMND: Take control of your displays

    CMND: Take control of your displays

    A robust display management platform, CMND puts the power back into your hands. From content management to settings, you can control it with CMND.

  • Android: Run your own app or choose your favourite app to run

    With Android OS integrated into the display, you can work with the most developed OS on the planet and save your own app directly into the display. Or, choose from the large library of Android apps and play content from there. With the built-in scheduler, you can daypart your apps and content based on your customer and time of day and with the auto-orientation feature, showing content in portrait or landscape is as simple as turning the display.

  • True multi touch with 5 simultaneous touch points

    Enjoy a more interactive experience with up to 5 touch points at the same time. Ideal for when you have more than one user to interact with your application simultaneously, the 5 touch points offer an extremely cost-effective solution.

  • LED bars for meeting-room applications

    With LED strips along the side of the display, you broadcast a halo of light to visitors passing by. This technology can be used to signify if the meeting room is available, or to simply add a colourful new signage dimension to your business

  • Simplify installation with Power-over-Ethernet

    Simplify installation with Power-over-Ethernet technology. Using this technology, power and connectivity can be delivered over a single ethernet line. This allows for a simplified installation, since there is no need for a power adapter. Displays can be installed in small, hard-to-reach areas, helping to ensure a more flexible and adaptable display environment. And for those who prefer not to use Power-over-Ethernet, a power adapter is included in the box.

  • Simplify your installation with the built-in wall mount

    Save time and money with the built-in wall mount. Install your display straight out of the box with the mount already built-in to the back of the display.

  • Engage clients with an interactive screen

    Using the power of touch, a brand new level of interactivity is possible. With projected capacitive touch technology, this 10" display offers a bezel-less front, complete with 5 simultaneous touch points, meaning users can interact with your business in new, dynamic ways

  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

    Communicate wirelessly with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth or simplify your content control by downloading content wirelessly.

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