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Stoltzen motor lerret Cronos 203x114

92" 16:9, Relé, RS 232, F.Kontoll

Varenr: 700355
Alt. varenr: STZ700355
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Ekstern Info


Kassemål i mmBHDVekt
Avvik kan forekomme, be om teknisk tegning22161019316Kg
Bilde Størrelse i cm203x114
Duk bredde i cm213x184
Størrelse i tommer92"
Ekstra dropp i cm65
Duk TypeMatt Hvit Tekstil
Maskering, Sorte kanterJa
Farge på kasseHvit
FjernkontrollJa IR (RF mulig)
Styre alternativerRelé / RS232


 Modern Minimalist Design

No matter the installation environment, the Stoltzen Cronos Series is designed to seamlessly integrate with any type of decor. The new bottom bar features the patented Spring-Sealed System ensures a smooth closure into the casing with an enclose d finish.

Floating Wall Mount / Ceiling Mount / Suspended Mount - various mounting options make the installation easy and quick

RF/IR Remote Control, RS485, Dry Relee Contact Control etc. - the variety of control systems allows controls to be done via central control or remote control

Gain 1.0
ViewAngle 160°

In order to construct a quality, long lasting screen, the materials used must be second to none. To maximize fabric tautness, the selection of underlying materials is very important in that it must be able to withstand different temperature and humidity levels due to varying installation environments. In addition, it has to withstand stretching and have anti-oxidation properties so a non-stretchable fiberglass material is the ideal choice. Stoltzen's matte white fabric is comprised of 4 layers and features a top grade fiberglass as its main support layer. It has a high resistance to temperature, fire, moisture, deformation and stretching with a maximum stretch rate of less than 1%. The structure is covered with two white and black PVC layers that are anti-static and also odor free. The outer surface has technologically infused PVC microdots that help produce and reflect the best possible images. The overall material is also mildew resistant and free from curving. The wide diffusion design ensures uniformity as showcased by its 160 degree viewing angle. The fabric is certified by the world renowned Image Science Foundation for its superb performance.




Teknisk info


Produsent Stoltzen

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