Stoltzen rammespent lerret Wall 398x224

16:9, 180", 10 cm ramme

Varenr: 700612
Alt. varenr: STZ700612
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Ekstern Info


Ramme størrelse i mmBHDVekt
Avvik kan forekomme, be om teknisk tegning4184244035
Bilde Størrelse i cm398x224
Ramme tykkelse i cm10
Størrelse i tommer180"
Duk TypeMatt Hvit gummiert
Farge på rammeSort (Velur)


With a stylish velvet wrapped aluminum alloy frame and enhanced cinema material, the Stoltzen Permanent Fixed-Frame screens are the serious home theater enthusiasts choice.  The screen material is specifically designed for HD content.  The solid structure and tensioning system ensures the screen is always perfectly flat and the picture flawless.

  • Designer velvet wrapped 8cm beveled high quality aluminum alloy frame
  • Adjustable tension system ensures screen display surface is completely flat at all times.  Flexible material maintains surface integrity and helps prevent any waves or wrinkles.
  • PS HDTV high contrast cinema fabric has a 1.0 gain with a 160 degree viewing angle.  The projection surface's backside is reinforced with a special PVC composite material.
  • The PS HDTV high contrast cinema fabric utilizes mini diamond veins that enhances contast and image details while reducing glare.  It provides a clear picture at any angle and is superior to traditional matte white fabrics in every way!
  • Easy installation and set-up, suitable for dedicated home theatres, media rooms, conference centers, etc.

The new Prestige models come with an easy installation kit utilizing innovative rail mounting brackets.  This installation kit is made for easy installation in various locations including wood and concrete walls.  Designed for easy alignment, different screw sizes can be used with the closely positioned screw holes.  With the rail mounting brackets, the installation is secure yet flexible in allowing the screen to adjust horizontally.  The position connection bar on the frame allows it to simply insert into the brackets.

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