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Stoltzen SSA220 Forsterker(Class D)

m&MIC mixer2x20Watt@4 Ohm default output

Varenr: 50977
Alt. varenr: SSA220
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Ekstern Info
Erstatter PA2
General Instruction:

S-PA2B is a small digital amplifier (Class D), with EQ control and MIC mixer function. It is in small cage but with powerful functions, including bridge connection, dual-mono, EQ control, microphone mixer etc.
It has a good applications in different places, including classroom, small meeting room, lecture hall, bar, pub etc.
-    2x20Watt@4Ohm as the default amplifier output.
-    Bridge connection function. The user can switch the PA2B to be 1x40Watt@8Ohm by bridge connection.
-   Dual-mono function. The user can sum up the stereo audio to two times mono audio.
-    Microphone mixer function. The microphone will be mixed to the line audio output, and separately controllable.
-    MIC input supports 48V phantom power, condenser microphone available.
-    MIC port with balance switching, can support balance/unbalance signal, suppress the external noise effectively.
-    Ducking power technology. It keeps detecting the audio and MIC input, and reducing the power consumption when there is no input coming.
-    Ultra low inrush current, no need for power sequencing. This allows multiple PA2B to be powered on simultaneously without overloading power circuits.
-    Convection cooled, fan is not needed.
-    Two stereo audio inputs, switchable by button, remote or RS232.
-    Fast switching speed. It is the high speed for the good performance.
-    Volume/Bass/Treble controllable by buttons or RS232
-    Line audio output, with volume controllable.
-    Optional control by IR remote.
-    Extensibility: It can be controlled by PTN panel (WP8 & WP19), optional function.
-    Antistatic case design: providing good protection for long-term and stable performance
-    LED indicator, for power and working status.
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