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AKG PC Mikrofon CBL410 PCC

Boundary Layer Microphone

Varenr: 115335
Alt. varenr: AKG-CBL410PCC
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Ekstern Info

The CBL410 PCC is a microphone for use with any PC or laptop. It improves audio quality when conferencing via VoIP.
The microphone reproduces the voice with a clear and natural sound. With its 3.5mm stereo jack,
it is a real plug-and-play device. No drivers are needed. Its cascading capability makes the CBL410 PCC the perfect
tool for single-person usage in the office and/or for multiperson usage in a meeting room. This microphone provides
optimum intelligibility and audio quality for your meetings.

General Specifications

Audio frequency bandwidth         20 - 20000 Hz
Sensitivity                                    3.88 mV/Pa
Signal to Noise                            58 dB-A


Length                 114 mm
Width                  114 mm
Height                  21 mm
Diameter               114 mm
Net Weight             159 g


Finishblack or white

Audio Output

TypeJack             Stereo (1/4")
Gender               Male
Contacts             3-pin
Powering             Interface
Voltage              1.5 to 5 V


Conferencing                          Yes


Boundary Layer Microphone   Yes

Teknisk info


Produsent AKG

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