Zero-Ohm Multispeaker System


Varenr: 116283
Alt. varenr: MS-4R
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ZERO-OHM System is a passive device that interconnects between any amplifier and multiple ------- loudspeakers without the concerns of amplifier speaker loads, impedance and extremely long cable runs. This Patented Design eliminates the need for 70V-100V transformer products. Multiple loudspeakers can be wired in a parallel connection to impedances below one (1) Ohm.


Zero (0) Ohm functionality ü No Transformers required
Multiple loudspeakers can be connected in parallel
Any Speaker impedance can be used: 2/4/8/16 Ohm
Uniform power distribution over long distance cable runs
Full range frequency response
Identical Output Phase relationship with all Power Amplifiers


Shopping Malls, Hotels, Airports, Amusement Parks, Stadiums, Cinemas, Banquet Halls, Cruise Ships, Outdoor Malls, Hospitals, Restaurants, Warehouses, Universities, Water Parks, Bars, Car Audio and more.

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