Loop Booking Room License SMALL 1y

For 1-5 rooms - Lisens per rom

Varenr: 120649
Alt. varenr: LoopB-Small-Rooms
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What it is

LoopBooking is an easy user-interface allows your tenants to book meeting rooms and resources directly from their web browser – no need to install additional software. Manage your building’s resources and allocate which tenants have access to different resources and meeting rooms.

Display all daily bookings on signage displays in the reception, cafeteria or other common areas.

Custom frameworks

With LoopBooking you can set custom frameworks for your building’s resources such as an hourly rate for meeting rooms and during which hours rooms are available. With the option of having unique and customizable frameworks for each meeting room and resources, LoopBooking is tailored to specific requirements for each building.

Export data

With LoopBooking it’s quick and easy to export data from the system such as booking and catering history. Data can be imported for invoice purposes or in CSV format for Excel, making billing easier than ever.


In a building with several different businesses and tenants, LoopBooking provides different roles for each and every one. While you administrate meeting rooms and resources, your tenants have access to user based or user admin based roles. Your receptionists can have their own roles, as well as a caterer who can manage catering menus, orders and catering reports.

You and your tenants can also get the LoopBooking app on Google Play and the Apple App Store for on-the-go booking and resource managing on your handheld device.

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