Multibrackets Gulv motor dual Floormount

Svart, 125Kg, 800x400, 47-94"

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M Motorized Display Stand Dual Pillar Floorbase Black - Stand kit (floor stand) for LCD TV - black - screen size: 47-94" - max 125 kg - VESA 200x200 to 800x400 mm
Are you in the need of a height adjustable Motorized Floorstand for interactive displays, touch screens or just standard screens but are in the need of height adjustment for sitting and standing audiences ?
We might just have the solution for you. This clean designed yet robust and stabile solution helps minimize the screen from shaking when being used or touched.

The need for moving a screen up and down increases as many situations call for it. If an audience is sitting down or standing up makes a big difference in the placement of your screens. With the included remote control one can now quickly move the screen up to position or down depending on need. This makes it easy to use and stabile movement up and down for any user. No longer is changing the position of the screen a 2 man job.

The M Motorized Display Stand is placed on the floor by its large floor base. This creates not only a safe and powerful installation, but also makes it perfect for conference rooms or other more public areas where the screen should be able to be placed in different heights depending on audience.

Since the M Motorized Display Stand has a turnable bracket one can move the screen from landscape to portrait in an instant. This makes the floor stand double as an advertisement space or touch screen portrait solution in an instant.

The product incorporates a clean design with a clean aluminum pillar construction that fits well in corporate and educational environments. The height of the often large size LCD/ LED can easily be adjusted by one person via the remote control. Never has a perfect viewing angle been so easy to achieve. No technical know-how or previous usage is needed to control the M Motorized Floormount. Just set it at the height needed - and go!

The motor-driven height adjustment allow you to move the LCD/LED screen 55 cm up or down.
Its wide reach makes it suitable for any audience or any user, this product is a perfect multifunctional solution for any need.

With a wide range of VESA specifications up to 800x400 and it can hold most screens up to 60” the market has to offer. A variety of optional accessories is available to tailor the product to your need. This makes it ideal for use where a screen needs alternate heights such as for presentations, touch screen interactive activities or videoconference.


  • Holds up to 94” displays
  • Aluminum pillar construction
  • Allows the display to rotate from landscape to portrait
  • Quiet Motion up and down via remote
  • Multiple accessories available
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M Motorized Display Stand Dual Pillar Black
Article No:7 350 073 736 072
For screen size:47"-94"
Mounting holes (VESA):Min 200*200 to Max. 800(L)*400(W)mm
Material:Aluminium / Steel
Tilt:0 - +10 degrees
Orientation rotate:No, Fixed Landscape or Portrait
Height adjustment:550 mm - 5 mm/second
Min height (center of display)1250 mm
Max height (center of display)1800mm
Max load:125 kg
Motor:Yes, 29V DC 2A - Input: AC 220-240V, Max 6A
Remote control:Yes (2.4 GHz, Max 15 meter)
Mount installation:Floorbase 1350x650 mm
Cable management:Yes
Weight:76.8 kg
Package: 2 boxes1380*690*280mm--55.60 kg for base
1280*320*230mm---29.00 kg for pillar & brackets
Warranty:1 year
Retail Package Specification
Package Parcels:1 pcs
Package Measurements:0 x 0 x 0 cm
Package Weight:0.00 kg
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