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Svart, Vesa 600x400, 35Kg, tilt. 32-65"

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Ekstern Info
M Pro Series - Wallmount Column - Wall mount for LCD display, steel, 1 screen, single side, tilt, VESA Max 400x400 - screen size: 32"-65" - black

Multibrackets M Pro Series – Wallmount Column is our innovative - ready to be installed Single-Display Wallmount on a column. A mounting system which enables you to mount displays on columns without drilling.

The new professional Pro Series A/V line from Multibrackets was designed with the installer in mind. Modular, easy to configure, quick to install, and simple to maintain. Working closely with installers we created a range with close to unlimited flexibility. This model the M Wallmount Pro MBW1U is no exception. The product provides the versatility and flexibility demanded by installers. Based upon the Pro Series strong and ultra-flexible aluminum rail it is completely modular and has built in cable management throughout the entire solution to quicken installation and creating an esthetic result worth the public eye.

With its modular construction installers have vast possibilities to change, create, update and reconfigure its design if ideas change over time, then Pro Series can follow.

Designed with our Scandinavian heritage in mind and providing a clean Nordic look each part and detail serves its purpose. The result is a sleek Nordic solution emphasizing quality and function. Used in a variety of environments this ceiling mount is truly versatile and is made of the highest quality materials.

M Pro Series - Wallmount Column
Article No:7 350 073 738 458
For screen size:32”-65"
Type:Single Side MBW1U
Universal & VESA standard:100x100 200x200 300x300 400x400 mm
Material:Steel, Aluminium
Surface Finish:Powder coating
Weight:5.4 kg
Max Load:35 kg
Height Adjustement:Yes, 10mm
Tilt:Yes, -6~15°
Swivel:Yes, 360°
Rotate:Yes, ±4°
Cable Management:No
Options:M Pro Series Parts
Warranty:5 years
Retail Package Specification
Package Parcels:1 pcs
Package Measurements:0 x 0 x 0 cm
Package Weight:0.00 kg
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