Multibrackets Veggfeste flexarm 360 III

Svart, VESA 75 100 200, 15Kg

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Ekstern Info
Multibrackets M VESA Flexarm 360 III - Wall mount for LCD TV - black - screen size: 15" - 32"
M VESA Flexarm 360 I, M VESA Flexarm 360 II, M VESA Flexarm 360 III. Looking for the ultimate VESA based wall mount? We think you found it.

The M VESA Flexarm 360 offers a flexible alternative to rigid wall mounts for displays weighing up to 15kgs. Multibrackets VESA Flexarm 360 can both tilt and rotate. Still it is safely secured with the included padlock.

Perfect for public environments where flexible installations and security is of essence. Of course even better for home installation with its quick and easy installation combined with the useful tilt and rotation function.

The new flexible, and safe solution to mount your LCD TV.

  • Flexarm 360 can both tilt and rotate.
  • Flexarm 360 is perfect for public, as well as homeuse.
  • Secure your display with the included padlock.
  • Flexarm 360 comes in three lengths and two colours to meet all needs.

    M VESA Flexarm 360 Series is design protected by Multibrackets.
    OHIM Reference: 001629361-0001, 001629361-0002, 001629361-0003

M VESA Flexarm 360 III Black 75x75 100x100 200x100 200x200
For screen size:15-32" (Recommended up to 32" for 360 rotation)
Universal & VESA standard:75x75 100x100 200x100 200x200 mm
Article No:7 350 022 733 299
Size in mm:*225x250x408
Weight:1,4 kg
Max load:15 kg
Min. distance from wall:80 mm
Max. distance from wall:418 mm
Rotate:Yes, 360 degrees
Security:Padlock included
Distribution package:10 pcs
Warranty:5 years
Retail Package Specification
Package Parcels:1 pcs
Package Measurements:30.5 x 27.5 x 10.7 cm
Package Weight:2.60 kg
Distribution Package Specification
Retail Package Parcels:10 pcs
Package Measurements:56 x 56 x 32 cm
Package Weight:27.10 kg
Material Specification
Product Weight:kg
Product Materials:
Total Package Material Weight:0.675 kg
Retail Package Outer Box:0.380 kg
Retail Package Inner Box:0.260 kg
Plastic Material:0.035 kg
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