Multibrackets Medisin tralle NB UPS

Tralle for Laptop,tastatur og mus

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Multibrackets M Universal Workstation Cart NB / UPS - Cart for notebook / keyboard / mouse / bar code scanner / CPU - plastic, silicone, steel - white, silver - screen size: 9.7" - 17.3"

Multibrackets unique carts fits most notebooks and personal computer displays on the market.

M Universal Workstation Cart
Multibrackets carts are space efficient, light weight and easy to maneuver in tight areas. With a clean design Multibrackets strived to keep all spaces easy to clean and effortlessly maneuver in any environment – The M Universal Workstation Cart is perfect for many situations. Examples of places where it might be extra suitable is in a patient, emergency & operating rooms, labs, radiology, nurse stations – or wherever patient data or a maneuverable workstation might be in need.

Focus on ergonomics
We designed the M Universal Workstation Carts to be comfortable and ergonomically correct whether you are pushing, pulling, sitting, or standing by it. Multibrackets M Universal Workstation Carts keyboard tray, monitor, and work surfaces can be adjusted independently for maximum comfort (see below for detailed technical specifications).

Easy maneuvering & light weight
475x475x302 base makes the carts very easy to maneuver in tight areas. With its 31kg on high quality and silicon covered castors moving it around is a breeze.

Accessories for any work situation
Medicine bins, Utility Drawer, Pad or document holder are all accessories that can be added to the Carts. As the unit is highly customizable by itself this creates a very flexible solution meeting near all needs a Workstation cart might need.

Anti microbial materials
As all the units contact surfaces are finished with anti microbial materials delivering an ultra smooth & safe surface it is especially suitable at patient rooms, emergency & operating rooms, labs, radiology, nurse stations etc. Of course having the possibility of a clean work environment when changing users is not only a medical request but might be of interest for any work environment.

Carts has a wide usage area. This cart is being
used at the Schipol Amsterdam Airport, assisting
the check in with online details.

Usable in many areas
The M Universal Workstation Cart is usable in many places. The need for an easy maneuverable workstation is everywhere and your imagination is this products limitation. Hotels, Hospitals, Nurseries, Dentists, Beauty salons & hair dressers might be some places where the M Universal Workstation Cart fits perfectly.

  • The M Universal Workstation Cart is ergonomically contoured to minimizes strain.
  • Designed to make any situation whether it is sitting or standing an ease.
  • All contact surfaces are anti microbial materials delivering an ultra smooth & safe surface.
  • An enlarged work surface with built in spill protection.

M Universal Workstation Cart NB/ UPS
For notebook screensizes:9,7 - 17,3"
Feature:Highly customizable and bacteria free work surfaces
VESA:Using a notebook screen as display VESA not required
Article No:7 350 073 730 957
Product materials:Plastic/ Steel/ Silicone
Unit Size:549x727x1265 (WxDxH)
Base Size:475x475x302 (WxDxH)
Adjustable height/ Tilt:Height adjustable by rail
Pillar adjustability:500mm up and down
Max load:7,5 kg
Weight:68 kg
Color:Silver and white
Shelf:Extra shelf optional
Power:Built in battery pack/UPS. Built in USB fan for better circulation
Package size:W800xD640xH1450 mm
Keyboard tray:Yes
Mouse tray:Yes
Scanner holder:Yes
Key lock:Yes to CPU compartment
Castors/ Wheels:Included, 2 front is lockable
Mount to floor:No
Warranty:1 year
Retail Package Specification
Package Parcels:1 pcs
Package Measurements:80 x 64 x 145 cm
Package Weight:85.00 kg
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