WePresent 2000 - Sharepod+Sense bundle

Medfølgende Present Sense og Sharepod

Varenr: 110634
Alt. varenr: WIPG2k-sharepod+sens

New features on the WiPG-2000:
Gigabit / POE (Power Over Ethernet): WiPG-2000 now supports Gigabit Ethernet speed when projecting or browsing internet. The unit can now also be powered through Ethernet (Power over Ethernet).
USB Media/Document Player: Simply plug the USB thumb drive into the USB port and play media files in the WiPG-2000’s media player environment.
Media Streaming: Media files can be streamed directly from PC/Mac 
and are rendered locally on the WiPG-2000 for ultimate image quality.
1-to-Many presentation: Allow users to project and share the content from one source to up to 4 different screens.
Download & Show Client: Download and run the required client application from the WiPG device web page, no need for software 
installiation, no admin rights needed.
Sender for Galaxy: Users can fully mirror contents from their Galaxy
devices to the display or projector.
Presenter for iOS/Android: MirrorOp Presenter offers file presentation (ppt, doc, xls, PDF, TXT and JPG files). But now also offers browser projection (for showing web pages), live camera feed 
as well as annotation tools inside the app.

For more information about these features: 

Features that are similar to the WiPG-1000:
Sidepad: Remotely control the presenting computer, using your Android/Apple tablet or phone.
Browserslides: Share current screenshots of your presentation to all wifi devices in your audience.
Plug-and-Show: Start the WePresent software directly from the USB stick, without any installation of software (ideal for guest speakers).
Conference Control: Set one user as moderator, giving control over who is projecting, and where.
4-to-1-presentation: Project and compare 4 users side by side.

Features that are similar to the WiPG-1500:
Annotate on-screen: During presentations, you can annotate on-screen, using your touch screen or any connected USB device. 
Virtual white or black board: Project a virtual white or black board on your screen. Then annotate on-screen, using your touch screen or any other USB device. No connected computer is needed.



wePresent SharePod

Need an easier way to wirelessly share additional content? We've got you connected. 
Pair the SharePod with a WiPG-2000 enabling seamless collaboration from any HDMI source in meetings and classrooms.
wepresent active learning classroom


Integrate Additional Devices with wePresent

Now you can easily connect document cameras, Chromebooks, guest devices or any other HDMI source, and wirelessly present these sources to interact with all other wePresent users in queue. Use an HDMI converter cable and your possibilities are almost endless.

wepresent and macbook
wepresent and dvd player
wepresent and gopro
wepresent and camera



SharePod and wePresent

SharePod acts as an additional user in the wePresent system's 64-user queue. Now any HDMI source can utilize the advanced features on the wePresent device such as the 4-to-1 projection, onscreen annotation, WebSlides and more.

How Does the SharePod Work?

SharePod pairs to any wePresent wireless presentation system. Connect your HDMI source to the SharePod and it will automatically be added in queue to the list. Simply press the button on the SharePod to begin wirelessly presenting your HDMI device.


Step #1

Pair SharePod to any WiPG unit.


Step #2

Power on the



Step #3

Connect any HDMI source.


Step #4

Press the button

to share.







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