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Stoltzen Argos SEE120 Vidvinkel Kamera

1080p 120° vidvinkel, mikrofon, USB2.0

Varenr: 120343
Alt. varenr: SEE120
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Ekstern Info

1080P Full HD Super Wide Angle
Support 1080 HD, can support maximum 1080@30fps/25fps output, downward compatible with 720P, etc. Wide angel field of view. Maximum horizontal field of view can be 120°.
USB 2.0
Full-featured USB 2.0 interface, power, video and audio all in one. Support 2-channel USB video signals and 1 audio at the same time.
Built-in Micphone
Built-in microphone array to pick up sound equally from all directions. Unique noise reduction algorithm to accurately present your voice.
Wide dynamic range to deliver easy availability for various lighting environments in the most harsh conditions.
Low Light
Features star-level CMOS sensor and 2D/3D noise reduction algorithm, delivering ultra high SNR for optimized noise reduction. With a high SNR of 55dB, the image is still clear and sharp even in the low light environment.
Easy Installation
Equippted with damping support rotary brackets to be available for nearly 100% monitors on the market to deliver easy installation and stable experience.

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