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1/2.7" 2M CMOS, ICR, H.264,2MP(1~15fps)

Varenr: 121490
Alt. varenr: IPC-C22-Imou
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Cue 1080P

Watch what you love in Full HD

1080P | Night Vision | Motion Detection | Two-way Talk | Cloud



1080P Full HD Video

High quality sensor provides crystal clear live video and recordings.



Super Wide Viewing Angle

137° diagonal field of view allows oversight of an entire room.



Alarm Notifications

Sends instant alerts to your smartphone whenever it detects motion, keeping you aware of what's going on at home from anywhere.



Two-way Talk

The built-in speaker and microphone with echo cancellation allows you to interact with pets and family, or dissuade unwelcome guests.



24/7 Protection

Night vision mode automatically switches on and off. Advanced IR algorithms provide a clear picture, even in complete darkness.



Diversified Storage

Video is securely stored and accessed through a Micro SD card or Imou Cloud.



Imou Cloud

Imou Cloud makes your life easier with alarm notifications, live video streaming, and one-touch firmware updates.



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