N-net kort for chassis 10/100 MM 550 SC

Dual Fiber, used in chassis NT-R16D

Varenr: 46781
Alt. varenr: NT-1100P
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Ekstern Info

v  Overview


Due to its unique function of link failure alert between electrical port and optical port, the intelligent 10/100M adaptive fast Ethernet media converter can replace the media converter with network management to greatly reduce the system cost.

NT-1100P Ethernet media converter can interconvert electrical signals of 10Base-T and 100Base–TX twisted pairs with optical signals of 100Base-FX. It extends the network transmission distance from 100m via copper cables to 120 km via fiber optical cable. It enables the data to transmit in two different mediums of electrical and optical networks either by the technology of data link L2 store-and-forward, or by the one of PHY L1 cut-through). It supports transmission in Multi-mode dual fiber. 


v  Features

²  10/100Mbps auto-sensed, facilitating network upgrade

²  Built-in efficient switching core to implement flow control and reduce broadcast packets

²  Full-duplex and half-duplex auto-sensed

²  Supporting auto-sense of MDI/MDI-X, facilitating system commissioning and installation

²  Supporting half /full-duplex of FX.

²  Supporting 10/100Mbps store-and-forward and 100Mbps cut-through transmission.

²  Supporting the transmission of 100Base-FX or STM-1, compatible with other devices

²  Supporting low-time lag transmission

²  Supporting the transmission of extra-long packets up to1600 bytes

²  Extremely low power consumption (less than 2W), reliable and stable performance

²Options in Multi-mode dual fiber.



 Access mode



IEEE802.3 10Base-T Ethernet, IEEE802.3u,100Base-TX/FX Fast Ethernet, IEEE802.3x Flow Control



 Transmission distance

Dual-fiber multi-mode: 2 km;

Dual-fiber single mode: 20/40/60/80/100/120 km;

Category-5 twisted pairs: 100m


One RJ45 port:

Connecting STP/UTP category-5 twisted pairs, EIA568A/B

One optical port:

Multi-mode Dual-fiber: SC or ST (50, 62.5/125µm)

Single mode Dual-fiber: SC or FC (9/125µm)

 Conversion means

Store and Forward mode or Cut-Through mode

 Buffer space

Built in 128Kb RAM for data buffer

 Flow control

Full duplex: flow control;

Half duplex: back pressure




 100,000 hours

 LED indicator

 POER (power supply), FX LINK/ACT (optical link action)

 FDX (full duplex), TX LINK/ACT (TP cable link/action)

 TX 100 (TP cable rate 100M), FX100(fiber cable rate 100M)

 Power supply

 External: AC90~264V/DC100~380V input, 5V1A output

 Power consumption

 <40W (the chassis at full load), <2W

 Operating temperature


 Operating humidity


 Maintaining temperature


 Maintaining humidity

 5% ~ 90% non-condensing


 Card type


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