Lande SECURITY IP66, 645x450x715


Varenr: 116637
Alt. varenr: LN-MOB01-ZRH-LG
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 Lande New Generation SECURITY Pole Type Cabinet,

New Design, Radius Type Oval Corner,
Hidden Hinged Recessed Door on Flange double-skinned front door,wall-to-wall (skin to skin) Armour Material ,
Outer wall (skin) 1,5mm, Inner wall (skin) 1mm- Dual-Volume, Single cycle 2 way fan + thermostat ventilation system,hinged type stopper - top cover system, Heavy Duty or Economic Clamp Type Pole Fixing kit is provided as an accessory. Socket Type Cable Entry 1 pcs, 19'' mounting rail CANNOT be included as the cabinet is not in 19" standards, Camera Assembly Place 4 pcs, Camera Assembly Place Cover Plate 4 pcs, WK2 Antivandal lock with handle - 3 point locking, Cable Management Rings are provided as accessories. DIN Rail in appropriate size 4 Pcs. Lighting Module is provided as an accessory. UPS Shelve is available, slotted ventilation compartment shelf that allows air to pass between the two compartments is available, There is a dedicated shelf for the extra device / modem / switch. Door switches / switches are added as accessories. No power socket module is added but if requested. Plastic Power Module can be supplied (NOT 19"). The fresh air inlet removable cleanable filter from inside is not available because it is a ballistic type. One of the fans in the fan module provides fresh air inlet, the other is used for hot air discharge. RAL 7035 is Light Grey Color. Ballistic strength in the Ballistic Type Radius SECURITY product model is provided by special armor material between the wall (skin)s and in EN 1522/1523 FB4 + standards. With our other models produced from special armor material, we can reach ballistic protection
in standards; EN 1522/1523 FB6 7.62 x 51 NATO and FB7 7.62 x 51 NATO AP.

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