DuraMAX Cat.6a RJ45 Field terminated

fully shielded plug

Varenr: 117220
Alt. varenr: 1505-05001
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Ekstern Info
DuraMAX Cat.6A RJ45 Industrial STP Plug

As more and more industrial devices and appliances are controlled using connection to the IT Network, a more noise-tolerant and robust-structured modular plug is required compared to a common office LAN application plug. The plugs and cables must have a strong shielded structure to handle electrical noise and they must also be designed to work in harsh environments such as extreme temperatures, humidity or vibration.

The DINTEK DuraMAX+TM Industrial Grade Cat.6A RJ45 Field Plug has been designed for easy installation and field termination while being contained in a rugged package. The plug features a fully shielded die-cast housing, and is a highly durable Cat.6A compliant component. Effortless termination has been achieved using the ezi-CONNECTTM IDC system, which allows reliable and easy termination process without the need to strip the wires.

Typical Applications

  • IP Cameras
    Human Machine Interface (HMIs)
  • Industrial PCs / Industrial Robots
  • Remote I/Os
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)


  • Cat.6A STP field termnination capability
  • Industrial Strength Body Casing
  • Compatible with Cat.6A component performance under (ANSI/TIA-568-2.D)
  • Fully shielded metal housing guarantees secure and reliable
    transmission performance
  • A fast and reliable termination helps save labor costs

Conformance - Cat.6A balanced cord requirements

Technology Report
FORCE Technology-T822748, DANAK-19/18853

EC Cabling product ID : 6159

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