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EDBAK SafetyScreen FreeStand 50x75cm

Frittstående stativ + plexiglass

Varenr: 120243
Alt. varenr: PROSCREEN2.1Plexi
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Ekstern Info

Mål: HxWxD  50  cm x 75 cm x 4 mm

Kan brukes begge veier (50cm x 75cm og 75cm x 50cm)

Proscreen 2 free-standing handle with plexiglass

Staying safe is the best protection against coronavirus. This is especially important in the industry where everyday contact with people cannot be avoided. That is why we have decided to design our newest series: EDBAK Proscreen. The products protect customers and retail employees from direct contact and:

  • increase hygiene and safety of the workplace
  • have a safe, transparent plexiglas window
  • are easy to clean

Can be used in:

  • offices
  • food chains
  • pharmacies and medical centres
  • open-space offices
  • gas stations
  • public space

Edbak Proscreen Plexi is available in two mounting options and plexi size:

  •  HxWxD 100 cm x 75 cm x 4 mm
  • HxWxD 75 cm x 50 cm x 4 mm

It is possible to mount the plexiglass vertical and horizontal

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