VT Skype for Business Headset Duo

Kablet USB Skype Duo

Varenr: 116636
Alt. varenr: VT6909UNC-D
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Ekstern Info

l  Excellent Noise Canceling Microphone

l  Skype for Business Headset with Inline Control of Hook on/off, Mute, and Volume Up/Down

l  Busy Light on The Headband Avoid Disturbing When You Are on A Call                 

l  Busy Light Status: Red Light is on Calls. Green Light Means Available

l  All the day Comfortable Wearing Style


Technical Specification

· Receiving Type: Dynamic moving coil          

· Connection type: USB2.0

· Microphone Type: ECM                     

· Microphone Directivity: Cardioid

· Wearing Style: Adjustable headband           

· Microphone Boom: 300° adjustable

· Joint of speaker and headband: 20° rotatable     

· Storage Temperature: -40?~70?

· Frequency: 150~6.8kHz             

· Speaker Impedance(Mono/DUO): 64O±15%

· Speaker Sensitivity@ 1kHz (Mono/DUO): 98±3dB/95±3dB

· Microphone Sensitivity @ 1kHz: -41±3 dB

· Warranty: Two years

· Weight(Mono/DUO): 192g/218g

· What’s in the box :Headset, Spare ear cushion, User guide,

Clothing clip



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