NoteCart Flex Ext Charge 24 - 15,6'

24 tablets/pc 15,6 lading, Svart

Varenr: 116738
Alt. varenr: NCF-B-EXT-24-SC
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Ekstern Info
H84cm x B70cm x D60cm
NoteCart Flex – economical, high-quality and flexible solution for storage and charging of notebooks
• Compact and flexible interior design that can be modified and adapted to store e.g. tablets.
• At the delivery NoteCart Flex is with power panels (24 outlets).
• Compact mobile design with 4 high quality wheels with bearings and breaks on 2 of the wheels.
• Intelligent and safe power supply which makes it possible for sequential electricity output to protect the electrical installation. At the same time
the fuses protect the stored equipment.
• NoteCart Flex is designed and constructed so it can be supplied exactly with the functionality you might need. Available options are e.g.
NoteSecure for theft protection, timer or additional power panel. See more in product information sheet “Options for NoteCart Flex”.
• Danish design - made in Europe; CE certified
Height: 84 cm – with wheels
Breadth: 70 cm – without handles
Depth: 60 cm
Weight: 45 kg
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