Barco ClickShare USB-C Button Gen4

Trådløs USB C dongle for CX/C-series

Varenr: 119943
Alt. varenr: R9861600D01C
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ClickShare Conferencing Button

The ClickShare Conferencing Button instantly gives you access to wireless conferencing, a more immersive, interactive and guest-friendly meeting experience. Set up your remote meeting with your preferred UC solution. Plug in the USB-C device in your laptop, click and in less than 7 seconds, you are automatically connected to meeting room cameras, microphones, soundbars and any other AV peripherals. You get richer audio, have wider views of the room and can add video to your mix.

With the additional Quick Button you can bring the big screen back to your device, a feature called ‘local view’. The Quick Button also activates advanced power functionalities like ideation, moderation, snapshots, control of AV equipment...

Alternatively, you can share content with the ClickShare Collaboration App with a similar advanced set of collaboration features at your disposal: pause, window selection, extended desktop, ideation and moderation. Combining both Button and App provides an intuitive, rich way of collaborating.
  • Iconic ClickShare component
  • USB-C device to start wireless conferencing and content sharing
  • Additional Quick Button with collaboration features
  • Ultra-fast setup


Weight60 gr - 0.132 lb
Frequency band2.4 GHZ and 5 GHz
Wireless transmission protocolIEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Authentication protocolWPA2-PSK in stand alone mode
WPA2-PSK or IEEE 802.1X in network integration mode
ConnectorsUSB-C type
Dimensions (HxWxD)14.6 mm x 59.3 mm x 161.39 mm / 0.57” x 2.354” x 6.354”
Power consumptionPowered over USB
350mA Typical
500mA Maximum
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