Hisense 75" UHD 4K High Brightness 2500nits, 24/7, Android 9.0 D-LED Hisense 75" UHD 4K High Brightness 2500nits, 24/7, Android 9.0 D-LED

Hisense 75" UHD 4K High Brightness

2500nits, 24/7, Android 9.0 D-LED

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Alt. varenr: 75WF25E
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Hisense 75" UHD 4K High Brightness

2500nits | 24/7 | Android 9.0 | D-LED


Easy to install Window Facing Digital Signage Display’s maximise customer engagement with vivid their image quality. With ultra high brightness of 2500 nits, the Hisense  window facing displays will attract attention in any lighting condition




Round-the-clock operation

Designed with quad-core System on Chip (SoC) technology the  window facing display can be used as reliable digital signage  displays for both offline and cloud based content.


2500 nits

With 2500 nits maximum brightness, the panels are 3500 well  equipped to make your content vividly stand out in any commercial  location. We also have 3500 and 4500 nit window facing  displays available to special order. Please contact your Hisense  representative for more details.



With Polarized Sunglasses 2,500 nits LCD to give you a clear image, even in direct sunlight. Enables clear visibility even when the viewer is wearing polarized  sunglasses


Landscape & portrait

Both landscape and portrait orientations are possible, providing  you with endless creative and functional possibilities to fulfil your  commercial or informative goals.


178° Wide viewing angle

The extra wide 178° viewing angle is a perfect fit for shoppers,  employees or visitors that will view Window Facing displays from  diverse angles while passing by.


Smart Brightness Sensor

Adjusts the brightness of the monitor automatically according to the  surrounding lighting conditions. This feature considerably reduces  power consumption and increases the monitor’s lifetime






  • Chinese
  • English



  • 1682.66(H)x961.74(W)x56.75(D) mm



  • Power cord
  • Remote controller
  • User manual
  • WIFI antenna



For more specifications, please read the datasheet

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