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NoteCharge USB C 10/65W

NoteCharge lading til 10 enheter

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NoteCharge USB-C 10 - charging solution with 10 outlets

The perfect charging hub, for example for use during breaks, meeting breaks or similar situations where you want fast charging of larger devices requiring up to 65W charger capacity.

Fast charge up to 10 devices at once via USB-C ports in 30 minutes. The devices will typically be laptops, Chromebooks and larger tablets. This could be devices that have been used to watch films or YouTube, or have been used for other high-power-usage activities such as online meetings, relatively long school days or working days, and which need to last for the rest of the day.

• NoteCharge USB-C 10 charges up to 10 USB-C devices in sequential circulation.
• NoteCharge charges devices with up to a 65W requirement in a cycle of 15-minute intervals. Devices that require 65W will be charged by about 20% at 15-minute intervals.
• NoteCharge’s smart charging feature will charge 4 devices at once via 2 devices for every 5 ports – so a total of 4 devices at once.
• The LED light feature indicates which devices are charging (red) and which will subsequently be charged (green). When all devices have reached 90% power, all LED lights will be red.
• When using USB-A power, the LED will be red while the devices are charging and green when the devices have been fully charged.
• When using both USB-A and USB-C ports at once, the LED light will be controlled by USB-C.
• NoteCharge has integrated fan control, which is activated at a temperature of 45 degrees.


Tablets, iPads and similar devices with USB-C outlets.



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