Stoltzen AOC FLEX USB-C Hybrid C-C USB 5Gbps | DP1.4 (2lane) | 60W Stoltzen AOC FLEX USB-C Hybrid C-C USB 5Gbps | DP1.4 (2lane) | 60W

Stoltzen AOC FLEX USB-C Hybrid C-C

USB 5Gbps | DP1.4 (2lane) | 60W

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Introducing Stoltzen AOC Flex Cable - USB3.2 Gen1 & DP1.4 Hybrid Type-C Active Optical Cable
Experience high-speed signal transmission like never before with the Stoltzen AOC Flex Cable. This cutting-edge USB type-C active optical cable (AOC) utilizes optical fiber as the transmission medium, replacing traditional copper wire. With impressive signal quality and a maximum transmission distance of up to 15m, it flawlessly handles USB 2.0, USB3.2 Gen1, and 2-lane DP 1.4 data. Say goodbye to copper wire limitations and embrace a cable that is softer, slimmer, lighter, and offers impeccable EMI/EMC features. Stoltzen AOC Flex Cable ensures unmatched reliability compared to conventional copper cables.


Key Specifications:

• Supports data transfer speed of up to 5Gbps.
• Backward compatible with USB 2.0.
• Supports 2-lane DP 1.4 for high-quality video transmission.
• Directional feature for video transfer: Source/Display.
• Bi-directional for data transfer.
• Compatible with both Windows and Apple iOS operating systems.




Cable Length

Up to 15m


USB type-C plug – USB type-C plug


USB3.0: 5Gbps
USB2.0: 480Mbps
DP1.4: 8.1Gbps x 2

Power Delivery

Maximum 60W (20V 3A)

Power Supply

Via Vconn (3.0V to 5.5V)

Power Consumption

(TYP.) 1200mW (5V input)

Cable Outer Diameter


Jacket Outer Material


Cable Filler


Cable Weight

Refer to packing details sheet

Cable Color


Bend Radius


Tensile Strength



Key Features of Stoltzen AOC Flex Cable:

Supports USB 3.2 Gen1, delivering blazing-fast data transfer speeds.
Compatible with USB 2.0, supporting both high-speed and full-speed operations.
Enables 2-lane DP 1.4 connectivity for crystal-clear video transmission.
Plug and play functionality eliminates the need for driver installation.
Offers exceptional reliability, ensuring a stable connection you can trust.
Boasts a slimmer, lighter, and softer design compared to traditional copper cables.
Features special GGP fiber with a 2mm bend radius, facilitating seamless installation.
Withstands over 100,000 bending cycles, guaranteeing durability.
Highly resistant to EMI and RFI, ensuring interference-free data transmission.


Applications of Stoltzen AOC Flex Cable:

Ideal for conference room video equipment, enhancing collaboration experiences.
Perfect for classroom equipment, facilitating interactive learning environments.
Suitable for medical imaging equipment, ensuring reliable and accurate data transmission.
Ideal for airplane on-board video systems, providing uninterrupted entertainment during flights.
Enhances home theater setups, delivering superior audio and video performance.
Compatible with Blue-ray, 3D video, projectors, set-top boxes, DVRs, game consoles, and computers.
Meets the demanding requirements of TV broadcast stations, ensuring seamless signal transmission.
Suitable for security systems, providing reliable connectivity for surveillance applications.

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