Tessen series


Engineered in the UK by the brilliant minds of the HH Acoustics department, the TNi range combines compact dimensions and flexible mounting options with exceptional audio performance. The TNi range includes a variety of models to suit different space sizes and power requirements, with options for on-wall and in-ceiling installations. All models feature wide frequency responses, controlled directivity, and superb vocal clarity to suit a wide range of settings from music venues to retail stores.


Two lines: Wall and Ceiling


The TNi-W series is specifically designed for wall mounting, while the TNi-C series is perfect for ceiling installation. With application specific HH woofers equipped with transformer taps for 100V/70V line usage and low Z modes, providing maximum flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of professional audio systems. Available from stock, both series in 4, 6,5 and 8 inches, in both black and white.


Wall series

Ceiling series

Tessen TNI-W PRO series


The TNi-W-Pro series takes audio performance further with HH designed woofers, paired with a rotatable horn and compression driver designed in conjunction with Celestion. Regardless of the shape or size of the room, you can be confident that your audio will be delivered with optimal coverage and clarity. Available from stock in black and white. 8 and 12 inches. Brackets sold separately.